February 2019 County Update

News from Sandy

It is now just over 60 days since I was sworn in as Chair of the Lake County Board, and I'm proud of what our board has accomplished around transparency and accountability in this short amount of time:

  • Filming of all standing committee meetings, scheduled to begin with committee meetings taking place the week of February 25
  • Sponsorship of state legislation to give the board authority to remove the chair. While this position is appointed by the board, the board does not have authority to remove the chair. 
  • Vendor disclosure forms: vendors submitting proposals to contract with Lake County must now disclose campaign contributions made to county board members, the chair, and countywide elected officials. Names of family members working at Lake County must also be disclosed. While these relationships and contributions cannot (by law) be part of the decision-making process, it provides important transparency for residents and taxpayers.
  • The elimination of procurement cards for county board members 
  • The creation of Energy and Environment committee, responsible for issues pertaining to sustainability, the county's carbon footprint, and environmental policy

In my new role I have been busy meeting with organizations across Lake County and the Chicagoland area on a variety of topics, including transportation, air quality, public health, economic development, housing, and veteran services.  We are also hosting regional roundtable meetings with leaders across Lake County to discuss opportunities for sharing services, collaboration on priorities, and ensuring we are working together for the residents of Lake County. Every month I report to my colleagues on my previous month's work; I've included it here for your reference

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