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News from Sandy

Dear Neighbor,

I hope you are enjoying these beautiful fall days and staying healthy! I am so pleased that after several years of study and collaboration, Lake County will soon have a countywide paratransit system, providing a seamless, low-cost option for seniors and disabled residents to get to medical appointments, work, shopping, and other important destinations.

Lake County Government worked closely with Pace, township supervisors, and the Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee to transition from a multi-township based system to one that is countywide. Service is expected to begin in early 2022. 

As you have almost certainly learned over the years, Illinois has more layers of government than any other state. A few years ago, Illinois counties received statutory authority to begin to dissolve local units of government that provide services that could more efficiently be delivered through other means, or are no longer necessary. After extensive discussions with the volunteers who have served on the Lake Bluff Mosquito Abatement Board (LBMAD), the Lake County Board and LBMAD voted to eliminate this taxing body. Services will now be provided through the different entities that made up the district-Lake Bluff, North Chicago, Shields Township, and Green Oaks. We continue to look at those units of government over which we have appointing authority to determine if consolidation or dissolution is possible.

Flooding continues to be of great concern in Lake County, and while we have had an absolutely beautiful spring and summer, the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (SMC) has been working on many projects across our county to protect properties from flooding. One of the highest priorities is the "Regional Floodplain Enhancement Project" in the Skokie River sub-watershed. Two tremendous storms in the last seven years resulted in road closures and significant flood damage to homes and businesses. SMC, in collaboration with the Naval Base, the City of North Chicago, Illinois Dept. of Transportation, and many other jurisdictions, have been working together to make the necessary improvements to stop this from happening again. While much work has been done, more is needed, and I look forward to continuing to work on this flooding issue that negatively impacts residents, public safety, and our local economy.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Chair of the Lake County Board, and to represent District 13. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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